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Sunday, August 13, 2006

EEEEWWWW bugs! >.<

It was my first time to enter AQ40 (Storm was gushing like a girl about it. He just luvvvvs AQ because it's filled with bugs and Egyptian lore--2 things he's so into) and it was COOL, at the same time it completely freaked me out. I'm a typical guuurl and bugs gross me out! Funny that I actually won the first bug mount in the instance (points for being an early bird in the raid, woot woot!). Actually, I didn't realize that I won anything. People were just all excited and ooh-ing and ahh-ing around me saying, "Gratz Niish!" and I was like "Wha?? Huh?? What happened?" You see my speakers aren't that muy excellente so most of the time I just hear buzzes from TS :p And people were edging me to "click it" so I go check my bags and I see this Yellow Qiraji Resonating Crystal. So I click on it and next thing I know I'm riding this really disgusting BUG! And it really freaked me out! But I gotta admit, it was really cool. Unfortunately, I can only use it inside the instance. Oh poo.

So of course I gotta wonder what other colors are out there. Coz i really want a pink mount :p Blue one drops and I wanted that coz it goes with my bluish troll skin tone :p And THEN... a green one drops and dammit!!! It's green AND pink! And I wanted THAT! And lo and behold, my bf Storm gets a green one. And he hates it. He wants the yellow one. Lol. Silly blog about me and my obsession with pink stuff :p

Thursday, August 03, 2006

A blog dedicated ENTIRELY to my disgruntled pals...

Gimme a break you guys, lmao. I had to start with the people I live with and actually see on a day to day basis. :p You all wuv me, i know :p

My dearest Sexy aka Multivenie. The one person not related to me or Storm who moved with us from Malygos. Totally selfless, farms for me at a whim (coz he's a MUCH better farmer than me *grumble *grumble), will give up all his gold for me (RIGHT? *wink *wink), and of course, is a slave to any female :p Lucky me! Haha :p Oh, did I mention he drinks beer like a normal, healthy person drinks water? Oh and mind you, I happen to like kiwis more now because of you! Actually, I've only met one so far (hot wife of Storm's friend) and just yesterday 2 half-kiwi kids (adorable sons of a friend of a friend). Storm and I were wondering if you looked like them when you were little :p

My PI whore Maulinis. Did you know that I actually get BORED when you don't ask for PI? And I also never realized how much politics granting someone PI can cause! All you dps whores! pew pew pew! Maul adds a totally different flavor to our raids. I totally, utterly, insanely love your Arnold clips and the wipe song. As they say, makes wipes so much more... bearable :p Thank you for being a complete whacked nut ^^

Also one of my first friends in Stormscale who I don't see much of anymore... True. Hey True! I wonder if you read my blog... but I miss you! Love locks! I'm gonna make a blood elf one as soon as expansion comes out. First encounter with True was in stv. Was levelling with the 'gang' (Dima, Storm, Sexy, and moi) and Trueevilcash happened to be in the area. He helped us kill King B and his elite pals and of course, we bumped into some pvp action. We got pwned in the end by 2 lvl 60 shadow priests but it was fun, nevertheless. First encounter with Trueevil (the lock) was in an instance, forgot what. But what was totally cool and funny about this guy was that he was SOOOO enthusiastic about handing out healthstones! Kept hearing over TS, "anyone need a healthstone?" like every 5 minutes. Miss ya True, wherever you are.

Gotta mention my girlfriends in WoW. My bestfriend and FIRST friend in WoW was Rosen, 60 undead warlock. Unfortunately she stopped playing. Cried my eyes out when she left NZ (was studying at that time so she got to play) for Shanghai. Never came on after that :( Stormscale hotties roster include Skadi, Pina, Hiya, and met the GM of a silly guild called Widows of Warcraft. It's an all-gal guild so I'm planning to make an alt just to join :p

Latest bud of mine is Bovie ^^ At first Pina and I vowed to teach you a lesson for saying something really offensive about girls but you turned out to be cool :p Lucky you, you got off the hook! <3 Bovie!

Fans of Shirts by Niisha! You know who you are! Meet a lot of random people because of my shirts, and a lot of them end up to be friends ^^ Thank you for appreciating my craft for the fun it's intended for ^^

That's it for now. Nap time for me :p Hoping to do an instance within the day, too.


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

L for Love, Z for Zombies

My 2 younger brothers started playing WoW again ^^ My youngest brother created an undead warrior named Malthus on his own account exactly a week ago. My other brother got jealous and asked if he could create a character on my account, something to de-stress him from time to time, he says. So now I have a low level druid named Pollomancer on my list of characters. Needless to say, this bro of mine wants to be an oomkin :p I wasn't able to play today coz he had fun levelling his drood, but all cool ^^ Had to work anyway.

One of the reasons why I love playing WoW because it is essentially a family affair for me. My boyfriend started the whole thing of course. He got me to play, and he continued to bring in the gang. On his side, he got his brother, his sister-in-law, his cousin, his brother-in-law, and friends of his brother to play. When we do meet in RL, we again talk about WoW :p So yes, it's one big geeky family, and I love it. My sister (she doesn't play :p) calls us zombies because of our many sleepless nights playing. The first time she met Storm's cousin, I introduced them and the first thing she said was, "Is he a zombie, too?" Yes, he is.

But, I actually miss playing with the gang. Storm's cousin has to work nightshifts now so we only get to play with him on our Saturday MC runs. His brother and sister-in-law are less serious players and aren't into raiding and instances as much. Storm's brother-in-law had to put his account on hold due to work demands. So.. it's been just me and Storm past few weeks. Been a bit lonely. Hopefully the gang comes together again. I miss playing with my fellow zombies.

Monday, July 31, 2006

The Geek in Me

Welcome to my 1st blog entry... ever. I never thought I'd have my own blog but thanks to my boyfriend and his new blog obsessions (Try My Kung Fu and The Storm Engine), here I am.

Funny how your life and your world changes as a result of who you are with. People who have known me for years would have never guessed I would become a World of Warcraft freak. WoW > RL, words I never dreamed I could utter. Or phrases like "sleep is for the weak!" or "i pwn you all!". But... i love the geek world now. It's just so... fun. And I have my Stormanjin to thank for.

This blog will be dedicated to my WoW world, where I have been striving to have everyone wear a Shirt by Niisha. Shirts are actually generic items that have no special stats, any tailor can actually make these shirts, there is technically nothing special about them. BUT knowing that it is made by me, you will be granted with ├╝ber powers of style and fashion! Yes, I know, I am a geek T_T huhuhu.

Storm promised to make me some ads for my shirts. Watch out for those :p